How Gamers Stay Fit to Improve Performance

Healthy Gaming for better performance

As you know our gamers are the elite of the world and this includes doing things that not everyone does, not everyone goes the extra-mile and that really is what sets people apart from each other.

don't be this unhealthyThe people that are willing to do the extra 5% the people who sharpen their weapons when everyone else is resting; these are the true champions and in gaming this is no different.

There are things that not every gamer would consider, things like health, body performance, mental performance, conditioning, fitness, diet.

Why is this important? Very simple, if you have the capacity to stay alert with full brain power for longer than 6 hours in front of a computer you may very well progress at a rate that no one else does, if you stay sharp, if you stay alert, if your consciousness is always aware of what’s going on and your reflexes don’t get hindered then you will have an edge over your opponent.

Being fit and losing weight will benefit you in the games

Think about being physically fit with a really good condition to endure the long grinding hours in front of the computer as if it was any other sport; trust me it will definitely pay off. You can find countless guides and everything that will help you lose weight and you can find them here: meqsalud (if you are spanish speaking if not then translate it);   so that your body doesn’t have to burn extra-calories just to keep the fat doing nothing.

Think about what you put into your body, it’s no secret that the people who eat junk food will under perform versus the people who eat healthy foods all day long.

fit healthy gamerMeditate and make sure that your gaming environment isn’t disturbed at all while you play the games, go as far as using binaural beats to make sure that your focus and your Zen (zone) stay always at their peak and you will progress.

That’s the secret guys it’s going the extra-mile, it’s making sure that every single aspect ever will get removed from the equation and that there will be nothing but positive outcomes of your performance while you are playing your games.


Remember it’s all about going that extra-mile, it’s all about being as healthy as humanly possible and under circumstances that you DO control in your life.

Health and fitness shouldn’t only be used to game, they should be used during your entire life and keep the healthy life-style going.

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I will repeat it a thousand times if necessary; it’s all ALL about that extra mile, it’s all about that 5% that no one else goes for, it will make a difference. Health and fitness are not things that you should let by without paying proper attention to.

Best Gamers From All Over The World

It’s all about that gaming experience

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